Aquestive Therapeutics

Marketing is just as important internally as it is externally, and it’s the human resources that really make the difference between a superior and average product. Aquestive understands this principle and Mosaic provided a robust intranet to meet their growing needs.

Engaging and filled with news including new hires, promotions, company successes and ways to give back to the community, Aquestive uses the intranet as the number one tool to communicate with all their employees in New Jersey, Indiana and abroad. Of course, it also includes access to all company information and materials including important dates, HR forms and the all important, Brand Style Guide, making sure all internal and external communications properly use the company brand. Pretty cool.

The intranet is exclusive to Aquestive employees, but we would love to give you a demonstration.
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Our Approach

By blending unparalleled marketing prowess, along with our data driven and technical savviness, Mosaic creates the solutions to cultivate your brand.

We’re an eclectic bunch. We’re witty, talented and passionate about all things creative. We’re storytellers and designers, bringing your brand to life. We’re technologists and love developing code, making the interaction with your brand cool and effective. By partnering with Mosaic, you are getting the best combination of marketing and technology geeks and strategists, bringing the best solutions for your business.

Recent News

Mosaic Advertising integrates HR Portal for Albarell Electric


We’ve added a new platform HR platform for Albarell. Interested candidates can now apply directly online and will receive instant notifications that they’ve received their application and resume.

In addition, HR can now vet candidates internally without an expensive third party platform. To learn how we can integrate this feature into your website, call us directly at 610-451-1693.